Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally found time for another post...lets catch you guys up.

I apologize to my few followers on this blog for the long quiet, things have been crazy at work and I have had very little spare time at home that I wasn't just bone tired and beat down. Here is why...

Your looking at the temp app. on my cell phone, and yep, that does say 124.1 degrees F (with temps over 130 degrees coming off the deck of the ship) and those were my last set of work gloves after line handling last week. But you don't come here to listen to me complain, your here to ooh and ahh over pics of our little micro-farm, so I won't keep you guys in suspense any longer...

The garden did well despite the drought. Lynne was very good about keeping up on the watering and the weeding, we got tons of tomatoes, zucchini, melons, some beans and such...


The mint came in very well, I think we are going to be set for some time to come on that front. Mint tea is a staple in the fridge and great in this heat.

The herb garden was only partially successful. I really didn't have the time to give to it that I should have...I have some ideas on improving the soil quality this winter...hopefully next year I'll have a better turn out.

We got some chicks late in the spring / early summer, just as the weather was warming up.

We used one of the empty spaces in our rabbit hutch to server as their nursery until the chicken tractor was completed.

The tractor under construction, but due too the rate the chicks were growing at, they got to move in before we had it completed.

The chicks quickly getting bigger.

The completed tractor and the chickens today. I still need to put the wheels on the back of the thing but we are currently using two had truck to move them around the yard. No eggs yet, but they should start laying any day now...the rosters have just about got their crow in. It was hilarious the first time I heard on try to crow, it's voice breaking like a teenagers.

We intend to let the birds be free range, but are having trouble with one of our Aussie's killing the birds (2 so far). Going to have to watch them like a hawk when the dogs are out...

Also, no rabbits as of this time. We do intend on getting some, but we have to be careful and be sure to get a breed that can take the heat down here. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Well, that about catches us up. Still no cease and desist order. Until next time my friends.